Industry Services

Renewable Energy Services  – Wind Turbine Servicing, Contracting, Repairs, Installations

Our expertise allows us to offer many services to the renewable energy industry, both commercial and private. These additional services include: Wind Turbine Servicing, Contracting, Maintenance, Repairs, Installations; Installation Project Management; Technical Feasibility Studies often on behalf of planning consultants; Design and Drawing work for broader client projects.

Project Management

One of the many renewable energy services that we offer to third party clients is project management. Our well organized approach and quality processes ensure a system is installed on time and on budget. Our project plans and expert software allow us to manage all tasks in the finest detail, highlighting the progress made and the expected completion date. We pride ourselves on clear accurate communication. If you are looking for a project manager for an upcoming project then please get in touch to discuss how we can help.


When designing renewable system solutions SJ1 Renewables combine their many years of experience to cover all technical aspects of the design as well as the Impact on the environment. We use our engineers expert knowledge combined with industry leading software to provide precise design work at competitive prices. The design steps that we specialise in include:

  • Mechanical System Design
  • Civil System Design
  • Electrical System Design

Grid Connection Services

Our electrical connection services include:

Site electrical assessment

  • Grid strength assessment
  • Line upgrade requests
  • G59 connection applications
  • Connection design (both LV and HV)
  • Power controllers and site load management systems

Health and Safety

We have the in-house capabilities to cover the regulatory requirements for all the works which we undertake. We also hold all relevant qualifications from the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). If your project needs sign-off on any of these regulatory requirements you can employ us to handle just this part alone.

Civils and Foundations

We offer bespoke civil installation works for hydro power construction projects and medium scale wind turbine bases. We specialise in cast concrete for locations which present access difficulties. Above or below ground pipeline construction in varying pipe materials – design, installation and jointing offered.

Wind Turbine Servicing

Electrical and Mechanical Installation

At SJ1renewables we organise all aspects of an installation, covering the civil, mechanical, electrical and communication engineering elements. We offer all or just part of the following:

Wind Turbine Installation

  • Excavations, form work, steel reinforcement, concrete pour and finishing.Wind Turbine Servicing
  • Cable trenching
  • Tower erecting
  • Nacelle and blade assembly
  • Electrical installation and connection
  • Telecommunication, connection and configuration.
  • Testing and commissioning.
  • Maintenance and wind turbine servicing.

Hydro Turbine Installation

  • Water diversion worksWind Turbine Servicing
  • Excavations, form work, steel reinforcement, concrete pour and finishing.
  • Cable laying and trenching
  • Pipe assembly and laying.
  • Turbine house construction
  • Hydro turbine mechanical construction
  • Drive train assembly and setting
  • Generator and controller mounting and wiring in
  • Electrical installation
  • Turbine controller configuration and commissioning
  • Electrical test certification
  • Maintenance and servicing.

Turbine Repair and MaintenanceWind Turbine Servicing

Our engineers cover the whole of the UK and are on call to assist with any breakdown or Wind Turbine Servicing or repair requirements that you may have. As we are independent we have expert knowledge of good range of renewable energy products and systems used in the country, enabling us to provide support to customers big and small. Please contact us if you would like to discuss any wind turbine servicing, repair or maintenance work, or any renewable energy services that we can assist with. Wind turbine servicing.