Visual Impact Assessment

Visual Impact Assessment

A visual impact assessment is a systematic analysis of the possible impacts of environment resulting from a proposed development and the investigation of the means available to mitigate the effects of such proposals prior to implementation. Visual impact is defined as a change in the appearance of the landscape as a result of development which can be positive (improvement) or negative (detraction).

A Visual Impact Assessment is necessary because it is important to consider how your project will affect the view from the surrounding landscape and the views of those that live nearby to a proposed system. We have extensive experience and expert computer software enabling us to produce visual impact assessments such as photomontages. These show imagery of surrounding views of the proposed site with, for example, a wind turbine shown in place using computer graphics. We can carry out a visual assessment for any technology that has a visual impact on its surroundings.

Our Visual Impact Assessment reports contain software imagery which shows from where an installation can be seen within its surroundings.

viaOur Visual Impact Assessment reports include photomontage work showing wire frame images of the surroundings, and with an installation in place.


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