Renewable Energy Feasibility Study

Renewable Energy Feasibility Study

feasability-studyThe results of a renewable energy feasibility study present a full system designed in outline, detailing all of the information required to make the licence and permit applications.
A renewable energy feasibility study involves a comprehensive assessment of a sites potential. Using information collected during the pre-feasibility site survey, systems can be specified or several options presented.
It is carried out prior to moving on to the detailed design and construction of a hydro scheme.

The site is surveyed to establish:

  • The intake, penstock route to turbine house and tail race locations.

  • Accurate measurement of the head and flow

  • Ground conditions across the site

  • Access to the construction locations

  • Grid connection point

  • Site usage

Machine Types

Having the experience and knowledge of the products, and not being tied to any supplier or manufacturer, SJ1 Renewables are able to provide impartial advice in choosing the best hydropower turbine to fit your sites need.

The renewable energy feasibility study identifies the type and size of hydro power machine to install based on the head and flow conditions. The overall system cost is also a factor in the final turbine and manufacturer choice.

System Infrastructure

The system infrastructure is specified in the feasibility study, this includes the type of intake structure proposed to take the flow at the abstraction point, fish pass type (if required), the pipe size and material for the penstock pipe which delivers the water to the turbine at pressure. These elements have characteristics which affect the efficiency of the overall system, so once they are identified the losses can be accounted for.

Rock ramp drawing

Connection to the Grid

Grid connection requirements are analysed and we provide an estimation of the likely grid connection works and the costs we would expect

Permits and Consents

Consenting and licensing bodies such as the Environment Agency (EA) are consulted and checks are carried out to find ecological and environmental designations along the water course. This provides us with an understanding of infrastructure requirements, such as fish passes. We also outline with the EA the maximum and minimum water levels which would need to be maintained as part of the future licensing agreements, such as the impoundments and water abstraction licenses.

System Performance

Within a renewable energy feasibility study, SJ1 Renewables provide a comprehensive annual power production figure. To obtain this we produce a flow duration curve which provides a measure of water availability throughout the year. We then convert this to power output (within the limits of the abstraction license) and apply any system losses. Our expertise in these calculations means that from day one you will know how much power your project will be generating once it is installed.

Project Cost and Payback Analysis

Whole system costs are drawn up based on our extensive experience in system installation. The system cost for both initial capital costs and ongoing maintenance are evaluated against the anticipated revenue stream. We provide a comprehensive payback model based on our findings, ensuring that you have a realistic view of the costs and revenue of the project.

You can speak to us any time if you require any renewable energy feasibility study.