Before starting a renewable energy project, there are lots of preliminary requirements. SJ1 Renewables have the know-how and experience to ensure that these are all completed at the correct stage of a project. If you are starting a renewable energy project, then you will need to be aware of the following:


We have the relevant experience and third party contacts to provide surveys and renewable energy report and studies that are required before starting a renewable energy project. Required studies include:

  • Applying to the Local Planning Authority (LPA)
  • Abstraction Licence
  • Impoundment licence
  • Flood Defence Consent
  • Local Investigations and Reports
  • Bat and Avian Surveys
  • Ecological Surveys
  • Archaeological Investigation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Visual Impact Assessment

If you are starting a renewable energy project you may have one or more of the above requirements, please contact us for prices.

Applying to the Local Planning Authority (LPA)

Completing planning applications can be time consuming and stressful, you can avoid this by handing the responsibility over to us. Our experience and expertise means that you can rest assured that the applications are made promptly and accurately. Our clients benefit from successful planning permissions without the stress and concern of applying themselves. We have the technical know-how to include everything required on the first application which often cuts the time-scales down significantly.

Abstraction Licence

Before starting a renewable energy project and helping yourself to flowing water, a licence, such as an abstraction licence is required. We specialise in obtaining these licences from The Environment Agency (England), Natural Resources Wales (Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru) and SEPA (Scotland, excluding the River Tweed and the River Solway as these are still under the remit of the Environment Agency).

Impoundment Licence

For hydro-electric energy production an area of impounded water, such as a weir, is required. An impoundment licence is required from The Environment Agency (England), SEPA, and Natural Resources Wales (Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru). SJ1 Renewables can obtain this licence on your behalf.

Flood Defence Consent

Previously known as Land Drainage Consents, Flood defence consent is required to ensure works do not increase flood risk, damage flood defences, or harm the environment, fisheries, or wildlife. Consent does not confirm that a proposed structure is of sound design, or that it complies with other legislation, such as planning or health and safety. We are well practised in obtaining many renewable energy reports and flood defence consent from local planning authorities.

Local Investigations and Reports

Many things need to be considered prior to starting a renewable energy project. We are qualified and have the experience to carry out all relevant local investigations and required renewable energy reports.

Bat and Avian Reports

Depending on your sites proximity to areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB), special areas of conservation (SACS), sites of special scientific interest (SSSI), nature reserves or similar locations, then Bat and Avian Reports will be amongst the ecological surveys/reports required. We use our network of trusted professional ecologists to carry out these reports.

Ecological Surveys

Consenting and licencing bodies such as the Environment Agency (or their national equivalents) are consulted and checks are carried out to find ecological and environmental designations along any water course for hydro projects, or within a proximity to the proposed site for wind/solar/biomass projects. This provides us with an understanding of any infrastructure requirements, such as fish passes.

Archaeological Investigation

As with any new development in or away from built-up areas, renewable energy reports and investigations are required to establish evidence of any local archaeology. This rarely involves a full scale archaeological dig but is important to ensure that nothing will be disturbed, damaged or lost when installing your power system. We have the relevant experience and contacts to carry out these investigations at the right time in your projects life cycle.

Environmental Impact Assessment

The purpose of an environmental assessment is to ensure that decision makers consider all environmental impacts when deciding whether or not to give a project a licence to proceed prior to starting a renewable energy project. We can organise this for you and help you make the right decision. There are seven key areas to consider in an environmental impact assessment:

  • Description of the project
  • Alternatives that have been considered
  • Description of the surrounding environment
  • Description of the significant effects on the local environment
  • Mitigation
  • Non-technical summary
  • Identification of any technical difficulties

Visual Impact Assessment

It is important to consider how your project will affect the view from the surrounding landscape and the views of those that live nearby to a proposed system. We have extensive experience and expert computer software enabling us to produce visual impact assessments such as photomontages. These show imagery of surrounding views of the proposed site with, for example, a wind turbine shown in place using computer graphics. We can carry out a visual assessment for any technology that has a visual impact on its surroundings.

starting a renewable energy projectIf you are starting a renewable energy project, please get in touch to see which aspects we can help you with.