We are providers of many renewable energy products.

Wind Turbines

We are specialists in Single turbine systems from 5kW to 500kW. Our experience of turbine types includes Skystream, Evance, Gaia, Argosy, Westwind, Endurance, Northernpower and Vestas Wind turbines. SJ1 are independent so no compromises need to be made when selecting the most appropriate turbine for you.

Hydro Systems

SJ1 Renewables specialises in small scale turbine systems from 5kW to 500kW. Please contact us to discuss a desktop survey after which we will be able to advise which type of machine would be best suited to your site.


We provide design work including performance characteristics, layout designs and electrical connection schematics for solar PV arrays for systems from 50kW to 10MW. We also fully project manage the procurement and installation phases through to commissioning.


The term Biomass indicates the fuel being burnt comes from animal or vegetable matter. In comparison to fossil fuels greenhouse gases can be reduced considerably. Biomass fuel can used for heat and power production or a combination of the two. Contact us today for a biomass survey.

Energy Management Systems

Improving how you use the power from an onsite generator is often overlooked and can save you money on your energy bills. Exporting power to the grid, in favour of supplying onsite needs, can mean you are not getting the maximum potential benefits from your system. SJ1 Renewables can provide site specific energy management systems which ensure your needs are put first. We design the perfect intelligent energy management system that maximises revenue and optimises system performance. Get in touch today for a free appraisal of your sites potential.

With our partner organisation Kernow Controls Ltd, we have designed a fully automated energy management system that communicates with your electrical power generator and the onsite electrical loads. These work with a wide range of applications and technologies such as wind turbines, solar PV, Heat pumps for both grid-connected and off grid systems.

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