Wind Turbine Systems

Your wind turbine systems project.

What Happens Next

SJ1 Renewables will bring their extensive experience to your site. We undertake a Desk and Site Survey as well as a technical assessment to enable us to design the right solution for you. We will first be establishing:

  • Wind speed measurement and analysis
  • Wind shadow and turbulence intensity studies
  • Energy generation
  • Optimised turbine positioning
  • Site access for construction and plant equipment

Within these constraints an optimum wind turbine systems solution is put forward and the system performance is outlined using data from your site. We can estimate your sites performance and present project costs and possible payback period. The site survey forms the basis for the next steps.


Planning Permission

Wind turbine systems require planning permission. When preparing a wind turbine systems planning proposal it is essential to follow planning guidance to have the best chance of gaining approval. Depending on the size and location, they require different levels of studies and supporting information. SJ1 Renewables expertise in following these processes can maximise the chance of planning permission being granted.

We submit an initial outline proposal to the local authority. The local planning authority will inform us of studies they require for the development. These could be any of the following local investigations and reports:

  • Bat and Avian surveys
  • Ecological surveys – Flora and Fauna in the surrounding landscape
  • Archaeological investigation
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Visual impact assessment

We will obtain all the relevant information for a project and submit a comprehensive planning application.

Grid Connection

There are various factors which can affect a new connection; it depends on where a site is situated and the size of the proposed generator. The capacity of the electrical supply is important as it could mean that there is a limit to how much power we can connect. We organise the connection of your generators as part of our service, applications are made well in advance so the grid connection works are in place and ready for connection during the installation phase.

Where grid connection becomes problematic we have engineered solutions to help, see our Energy Management Systems for more info


Our engineers have been installing wind turbine systems for many years and our portfolio of turbine types is vast. At SJ1 Renewables we can organise all aspects of an installation. We are experienced in all of the following areas of installation:

  • Excavations, form work, steel reinforcement, concrete pour and finishing.
  • Cable trenching
  • Tower erecting
  • Nacelle and blade assembly
  • Electrical installation and connection
  • Telecommunication, connection and configuration
  • Testing and commissioning

Maintenance and Servicing

We can be with you every step of the way. This includes comprehensive after care services to ensure you get the most out of your wind turbine system.

Contact us today to take the next steps to reducing your carbon footprint and your bills.

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