Solar System Maintenance

Solar System Maintenance from SJ1 Renewables 

SJ1 Renewables offer solar system maintenance at competitive rates. We have installed solar PV systems around the UK for both owners and developers, we fully understand the requirements of all types of customer. Our experience enables strong working relationships, and provides seamless integration of solutions to any issue related to photovoltaic systems.

It is our belief that well maintained systems increase the positive data and statistics flowing through the industry and its watchdogs, thus highlighting the benefits of renewable energy, and solar PV systems in the UK. Our success is driven by the successful energy production of our customers, so we are passionate about the continued optimum performance of all solar PV systems.

Operation, Repair and Maintenance from SJ1 Renewables

The reason that you purchased your solar PV system was to see a good return on investment from it. Regular inspections of the performance and hardware of the system help ensure that your investment expectations are met.

SJ1 Renewables offer a variety of Operation and Maintenance packages for your solar system maintenance, to give peace of mind that your solar PV system is operating at optimum performance levels, and therefore generating maximum available revenue.

Package 1 – One-off Health Check

This is a non-contract solar system maintenance visit. Our electrical engineers will visit your site, perform a visual inspection of your system and test all accessible components and consumables, along with reviewing all inverter data and any fault codes that appear. A written report is produced detailing any requirement for remedial, or maintenance work. Depending on the system size, this package starts at as little as £250 (+VAT and Travel).

Package 2 – Monitoring

This is a minimum 12 month contract. With our monitoring only option we provide real time monitoring of your solar PV system as well as an annual Health Check (Package 1). If your system goes offline or if any energy production issues occur, we will notify you within 24 hours. This package allows you the confidence that any drop in generation will be identified rapidly, thus limiting any potential loss of revenue. You will receive generation reports on a monthly basis giving you a full understanding of your systems output all year round. Please speak to us to find out how much this package would cost for your site.

Package 3 – Operation/Monitor, Repair and Maintenance

Package 3 is a minimum 12 month contract. With this package you receive all the benefits of Package 2, as well as SJ1 Renewables performing daily meter reading checks and individual inverter monitoring. Your monthly report will be more detailed as a result of the more regular checks. The annual Health Check within this package includes cleaning of photovoltaic panels (not included in Package 1 or 2) to ensure that bird spoil or atmospheric pollutants are not impacting upon the energy production available. Any repair visits required are covered as part of this package (not including consumables, parts, or travel). Please contact us to find out how much this package would cost for your solar system maintenance.

Non Contract Improvements and Repairs

Our team of electrical engineers share between them over 15 years of experience in solar PV system installations, monitoring and repairs. Even without entering into a contract with us, you can still benefit from our expertise in solar system maintenance or repair, when it is required. Our costs are competitive and our response time is rapid. If you have an identified repair or improvement that you would like to perform and would like a quotation for the works please contact us. All of our work is fully insured and warranties provided.

Annual Cleaning Only

Atmospheric pollutants and/or other air-born detritus such as bird spoil can build up and impact upon the generation of your system, and degrade the surface of the panels themselves. We can visit and perform an annual clean for very reasonable rates. Please let us know the size and location of your system and we will provide you with the cost for this service.

Solar System Maintenance