Feed in tariff

Feed-InInfographicv3Feed in tariff

In 2010 the UK government introduced a Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Scheme which pays a fixed rate for every kWh of renewable energy your system produces. This scheme was introduced to support the government in its commitment to supply 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020. The Feed in tariff scheme also allows you to sell back unused electricity to the grid.

The system cost for both initial capital costs and ongoing maintenance are evaluated against the anticipated revenue stream. Where appropriate a comprehensive payback model is provided based on our findings.

Feed in tariff information:


Policy information and statistical reports relating to Feed in Tariffs can be found at:




The latest feed in tariffs can be found on Ofgems website:


As well as the feed in tariff other financial benefits to a renewable energy project include the ‘import off-set’, this represents the money that is saved on energy bills through less reliance upon power from the grid.

If you are investigating the feed in tariff because you believe your site has potential for a renewable energy project, then the best way to understand how much revenue your site could deliver is to speak with us. We would perform some preliminary investigations and produce for you a comprehensive payback model, so that you will know how soon after installation your renewable energy system will have paid for itself.